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Furniture reflects our inner world in a different way

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Hello everyone,

Furniture reflects our inner world in a different way. While we are designing our homes, workplaces, gardens and balconies, they involve us and the pieces that reflect us. While some of us like classical designs, some of us prefer more modern pieces, some of us like the combination of classical products with modern designs, and we can show the neoclassicism movement as an example. The designs have illustrated many variations including the geography in which people lived. Like the use of stone and soil materials in the Middle East, as well as the use of more wood materials in Central America, North America and South America.

Every detail of the furniture can reflect us or create a feeling of belongingness. From the legs of a chair to the fabric on which you lean your back. Handmade products also express uniqueness, and they are also a more beneficial way for nature since their production is not a fabrication. No two handmade products are exactly the same because even the smallest faults are enough to make them unique. You may not feel a complete sense of belonging in mass-produced products; however, they can offer comfortable use structurally. Moreover, more classical designs, in which people share their mistakes and feelings, can silently describe the expression of your soul from where they are.

Furniture and furniture parts in your living spaces that have required your own effort are generally more valuable for people who own them because that product is actually you, it can also be considered as a part of your soul that you want to have in your living spaces. They can exist as a signature of you that ensures you are there when you are absent.

We spend more time in our homes in the new world order; therefore, we try to improve the quality of our living space. It is important that a space, which belongs to us and we see throughout the day, reflects us and our tastes. At the same time, we care those people like our tastes and expect our originality to be realized since the intensity of the time we spend with our friends and families is directed towards our homes. As Brooklyn Art Work Shop, our purpose is to improve the quality of your living space and to ensure that you enjoy the uniqueness of the objects you see every

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